Dear Republicans: I hear you want an Apology

To those Republicans demanding an apology after the senseless and horrifying shooting in Virginia, here you go:

1. I'm sorry that your mindless support of the NRA and its goal to put a gun in the hands of every American has, no pun intended, backfired. I'm sorry that someone exercised their "second amendment remedies" against you, which must come as a surprise given your advocacy that it be used exclusively against Democrats and progressives. I'm sorry that because of you, a person with a history of domestic violence and/or mental illness is not restricted from owning a gun.
2. I'm sorry that your callous disrespect for the last duly elected President, who won both the popular and electoral votes, has been turned against your man. That, while still far short of screaming "you lie" at a Presidential address before a joint session of Congress, you feel as though your man is on the re

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