Which Podcasts Do People NEED To Listen To In 2018?

Podcasts > everything else.

Who doesn't love a good podcast? They're fun, informative, and definitely addictive (seriously, what did we do before they were invented? Listen to the radio? Gross). But there are also approximately 70 bajillion podcasts in the world, and it can be difficult to narrow down which ones are worth your precious listening time.


That's why we want to know: Which podcasts do you think people absolutely NEED to listen to in 2018?


Maybe 2018 is the year to start listening to personal finance podcasts, like Bad With Money and Money Girl.

Panoply, Money Girl

Or you like listening to podcasts as a way to stay informed, like with The Daily or Up First.

New York Times, NPR

You might love listening to people discuss pop culture, like on How Did This Get Made? and Extra Hot Great.

Earwolf, Previously.tv

You may just love podcasts that help you learn a little more about everything, like Lore and Stuff You Missed In History Class.

Lore, Stuff You Missed In History Class

And podcasts are also perfect for comedy that'll make you laugh until you cry, like with 2 Dope Queens and The Adventure Zone.

WNYC Studios, Maximum Fun

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