After her endorsement of Democrats, Trump says he likes Taylor Swift's music 'about 25 percent less now'

In news that Taylor Swift 100 percent does not care about, President Trump announced on Monday that he likes her music "about 25 percent less" after she endorsed two Tennessee Democratic candidates.
On Sunday night, Swift, a resident of Nashville, posted on Instagram that she was endorsing Tennessee Democrats Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for the House of Representatives. Bredesen is a former governor, whose opponent is Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn. Blackburn was against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and believes businesses have the right to refuse service to gay couples, and Swift said her record "appalls and terrifies me."
When asked about Swift's endorsements, Trump told reporters that Blackburn is "doing a very good job," and "I'm sure Taylor Swift has nothing, or doesn't know anything about her." While he's not quite ready to chuck his 1989 CD into the trash, Trump did add, "Let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25 percent less now, okay?"

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