22 July’s Paul Greengrass Says His Movie Is Less About a Terrorist Attack Than the World It Leaves Behind

When I sat down to watch Paul Greengrass’ new film 22 July, I was dreading it. Aside from a few forays into the Bourne universe, the British filmmaker is best known for meticulous, vérité recreations of traumatic historical events: the 1972 Bogside Massacre in Bloody Sunday, 9/11 in United 93, and the Maersk Alabama hijacking in Captain Phillips. His new project takes on the 2011 lone-wolf terrorist attack by far-right extremist Andres Behring Breivik—including a bombing in Oslo and a mass shooting at an island summer camp run by Norway’s ruling Labour Party—that killed 77 people in total. As gripping as his films may be, after this news year, who would want to watch a painstakingly recreated ticktock of the slaughter of dozens of teenagers?

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