CBS News has settled a lawsuit with 3 women who accused former host Charlie Rose of sexual harassment

CBS News has settled a lawsuit with three women who claimed former host Charlie Rose sexually harassed them.
The case was discontinued Friday and the terms of the settlement are confidential.
The lawsuit against Rose remains open.

CBS News has settled a lawsuit with three women who accused the former CBS anchor Charlie Rose of "blatant and repeated sexual harassment" and "subsequent unlawful retaliation."
The suit against CBS News was discontinued Friday and the terms of the settlement are confidential. The suit against Rose remains open. A CBS News spokesperson told Business Insider the matter was resolved and that the plaintiffs requested that the financial amount remain confidential.
The women who filed the suit, Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal, and Yuqing "Chelsea" Wei, worked at CBS between 2016 and 2018. They filed a suit against CBS and Rose in May in the New York Supreme Court. The suit alleged harassment, including unwanted physical touching, that they said they experienced while in their professional jobs.
Rose "sexually touched Ms. McNeal, including placing his hands on her thigh and kissing her cheek," the lawsuit alleged. It claimed Rose referred to Ms. Wei as "China Doll," and said that Rose suggested that Harris and McNeal should have sex with one another. The suit claimed that Rose threatened to fire the plaintiffs and "verbally abused them as part of his predatory behavior, sexual dominance over them, and retaliation against them."
The complaint also claimed that CBS was aware of Rose's harassment but failed to take action and "allowed Mr. Rose and others to continue to engage in sexual harassment for decades."
Bob Bodian, an attorney for Rose, previously told news outlets that claims in the lawsuit were "without merit." Bodian did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: The inside story behind the Marvel movie you were never supposed to see

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