Bodycam Video Shows Denver Police Search School For Shooting Suspect

Denver police officers on April 24th, 2018 searched Rise Up Community School for a juvenile student wanted in connection to a shooting the previous night. The search prompted criticism against the police amid conflicting accounts of what happened. Bodycam footage shows how officers responded to the call.

The search happened at the largely-minority School.

Principal Lucas Ketzer says he told officers the student wasn't there but they went classroom by classroom searching for him. He says police pushed a teacher away from her classroom after she said she wouldn't allow them to enter without a warrant and pulled a gun on a teacher who went out a back door looking for students.

Denver police say a school staffer confirmed the suspect's presence and say no guns were drawn in the school.

The school district consented to the search but says it recognized that the experience was "traumatic" for students and staffers.

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