Raw Politics: Theresa May survives the confidence vote but will her deal survive?

British Prime Minister Theresa May survived the no-confidence vote tonight but British MEP and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage says her Brexit deal will not.

"I love to be a contrarian," Farage said, predicting that May would win comfortably.

"She stays on as PM, and her deal is no closer to succeeding," he said, adding that time is running out and doesn't want to face the horrendous prosect of Article 50 to be extended.

Jacqueline Foster, leader of British Conservative MEPs said the vote was a "distraction" and she's satisfied with the current deal.

"People like me want to get on with leaving on the European Union on the 29th of March. It was always going to be difficult," Foster said, adding that the Labour Party is whipped in to oppose any deal she comes up with, along with SNP.

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