Mum and her ex-husband 'pimped out' girl from the age of THREE for 13 years in return for drugs, rent and scrap metal.

A Florida (again that shitehole) mum has been found guilty of 'pimping' out a little girl from the age of just three in return for drugs, rent and scrap metal.
Celeste Chambers, 37, was convicted of trafficking the child for more than 13 years alongside her former partner after offering the youngster to 'adult men for sexual activity in exchange for drugs'.
Her ex-husband Kevin Wyatt, 49, pleaded guilty to child abuse charges last year in Gadsden County.
Chambers, from Tallahassee, who facing spending the rest of her life in prison, is said to have hit the youngster if she ever refused.Harrowing evidence heard how the victim was 'pimped out at least twice a week' and warned by Chambers: 'You aren't supposed to talk about it'.
She said she was forced to perform sexual acts for Chambers to get drugs, scrap metal and rent.
The child is said to have been left so traumatized by the ordeal that she was unable to sleep at night.
And when speaking with social workers she was too scared to speak about the abuse in case she got in trouble.
Court records say that from 2003 to 2016, the child was offered to 'adult men for sexual activity in exchange for drugs, intentionally inflicting physical or mental injury'.
Chambers was arrested in October last after a multi-agency human trafficking investigation that began in March 2016

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