The Peachbasket Hat (1909)

Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones are reading the morning paper. He reads an article about a kidnapping by gypsies. She spots an ad for hats. Upon leaving the house, Mr. Jones sees a family of gypsies reading the neighbor's palm, and returns to warn the maid. Later, Mrs. Jones goes hat shopping, leaving the baby with the maid, who invites the gypsies into the house to read her palm. They just happen to have a baby about the same age as baby Jones. When Mrs. Jones returns with her new, very large "peach basket" hat, the maid hides the gypsy family behind a curtain. As soon as possible, she hustles them out of the house. In the hubub, the very large hatbox falls off the table and over the baby who is sitting on the floor. Assuming the child has been stolen by the gypsies, Mr. and Mrs. Jones and the maid give chase. They are joined by two delivery men who saw the gypsy family and assumed the worst. A policeman is also enlisted in the chase, which is joined by more and more townspeople. When they catch up with the gypsy family, they realized their mistake and the Joneses return home, where their own baby is finally discovered under the box, and the household is restored to normal.


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