Why America is Always at War

America have killed more people than all " muslims " terrorist on the planet, it's funny because all of these terrorist group are appeared when U.S have invaded Afghanistan/Pakistan.

It's funny because America is involved in all last conflicts on the planet, the world wars, the wars in the Middle East, the conflicts in South America, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan,Pakistan,Somalia, and after Americans are surprised when people defend themselves against these terrorists.

The majority of weapons are from USA, it's not strange ? America is the only country who have nuked a country ( Japan, in two different cities )

Americans love blaming russians, muslims, europeans, latinos, africans for their problems, it's always the fault of other countries/people, but never their faults, lol, the hypocrisy of americans.

The problem is that one day the world will be fed up with Americans, and the world will be unleashed on them. America is hated in this world, and Europe will be the future of this world with China.


Read more: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kPQSQ_15...

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