Studio City, California Active Mail Fraud in attempt to gain false noteriety on Studio City Neighborhood Council.

Daily, between the houre of 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., Harland Peter Johnson, 78, a life-long Studio City resident, a former hardcore drug-addict, and a recovering alcoholic whom attends "weekly early Thursday mornings" Alcoholic Anonymous meetings at Residuals Bar, will pull up to the phony "11154-3/4 Ventura Boulevard" phonmailbox and pick up mail for Howard L. Peterson. Old "Howie" does not live up on the hill whatsoever, and Johnson is jumping through all sorts of unethical hoops for Peterson, in order to falsely elevate his status on the Studio City Neighborhood Council. Peterson's photogenic and "filming obsessed" wife Vi or Thai-Vi, will herself assist with as much criminal mischeif as possible in order for Peterson to be a "full-fleged advocate" for the real-estate magnate "I-want-everything" Bangkok-loving Harland Peter Johnson.

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