Not so hoppy holiday

Only in hellhole Florida.
The Easter Bunny hopped into a "nice" street fight with two individuals in Florida this weekend, egged on by onlookers.
The fight allegedly broke out after a man bumped into a woman and the two began to fight. The Bunny later, literally, jumped in
The video shows the moment a woman drags a man on the ground and hits him with her fist.
The Easter Bunny then decides to hop into the ring and join the action, going after the man on the ground.
The Bunny then brings the man's arms around to his back and throws punch after punch, its ears swaying with each blow.
Finally, an Orlando ISIS cop, er, cop and a bystander intervene and break up the fight.
The woman keeps trying to punch and attack the man and the crowd focuses their attention on them.
All the while, the mischievous Easter Bunny eggs on the fight, jumping on the side and throwing fake punches.
It's not known if anyone in that altercation was arrested after Orlando police broke up the fight

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