Family's fury after unarmed man is shot dead and his parents are hospitalized by an off-duty LAPD cop

The furious family of a man shot dead in a California Costco say he was unarmed and just grocery shopping with his parents when an off-duty police officer opened fire after saying they attacked him while he was "carrying his child".
Kenneth French, 32, was killed and his parents were critically injured when the off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer shot them on Friday night inside the Costco Wholesale warehouse store in Corona.
Police said the coward officer, who hasn't been named (as usual) fired his gun at French following an altercation knowing perfectly well that, without the gun, he wouldn't have the balls to face someone, witnesses also say the shooting took place near the freezer section.
French was killed and his parents remain in critical conditions at hospitals after also being struck by gunfire.
The officer was, allegedly, treated and released at a nearby hospital and the officer's child was not injured.
Police said the off-duty officer was the only one who fired shots in the store.
The shooting prompted a stampede of frightened shoppers to flee the store east of Los Angeles due to the common mass shootings in the US and seek cover.

Witnesses said they saw a man with a Mohawk haircut arguing with someone in the freezer section when shots rang out at least six times.

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