Citizens Demand City Reinstate Pledge of Allegiance

It was a bizarre moment to be sure when earlier this year St. Louis Park city council members voted to stop reciting the pledge of allegiance before council meetings because it might "offend" some people. When citizens heard the news they were at first confused and then angered. Many decided to attend the next council meeting. The audience was comprised of parents, grandparents, military veterans, rich and poor, all united by a common thread-they were ALL Americans.
Here is video of what happened next...
Note how the council members are reading from a prepared text as they attempt to explain their anti-Americanism. They repeat how they want to focus on "issues that matter" as if having a governing body turn its back on the foundational principles of what it is to be a citizen of this country isn't an "issue that matters" while then throwing out the topics of "climate change" and "sustainability" as examples of issues they feel are far more important.

THIS is why there is such a divide in this country. THIS is why Donald Trump won the presidency. St. Louis Park represents a war for the heart and soul of a nation under constant attack from within. Our national identity is being ripped apart by division and government-mandated self-loathing where love of country is dismissed as uneducated and/or racist and a thing to be destroyed.


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