19 questions we have after watching the first 'Walking Dead' trailer for next season

The trailer for "The Walking Dead's" 10th season was released at San Diego Comic-Con Friday. 
INSIDER breaks down the biggest questions we have about the new season, including how much time has passed and why Michonne appears to have Negan's baseball bat.

AMC released the first trailer for season 10 of "The Walking Dead" and it teases Rosita's baby, boats, and an unexpected new romance for Michonne.
Before the series' return to AMC Friday, October 6, let's break down the biggest surprises and questions we have.How much time has passed since the end of season nine to the beginning of season 10?

Rosita is seen with her baby so clearly some months have transpired. The last time we saw everyone, Rosita was around five months along during the winter.
Is that Henry?

That boy in the doorway looks a lot like Carol's son, Henry. But that can't be him. Is Carol seeing things again? She had some visions of dead people on season seven when she wasn't doing so hot.
Why does Judith have a Whisperer mask?

We would prefer it if young Judith was nowhere near Alpha, Beta, or any of the Whisperers.
Is something going on with Siddiq?

A scene near the trailer's start seems a bit blurred and then we see him appear to be dunked in water. He could be suffering from survivor's guilt after Alpha let him live over his friends.
Are Lydia and Negan going to become friends?

Negan can be seen speaking to Lydia. (Look closely at the shirt.)
Who is Daryl punching now?

Daryl goes off on Negan in the trailer right before this shot, but we doubt that's who he's seen swinging at here. It's probably someone from the ensemble of characters on the show. Perhaps it's a Whisperer who was captured.
Are Daryl and Connie finally becoming a thing?

We're glad to see Dog is doing well, too.
Are Aaron and Negan going to work together and who are they fighting?

The Whisperers are clearly a threat still. Negan seems like a capable fighter, as Gabriel points out to Aaron. In the comics, Negan infiltrates the Whisperers and famously fights Beta. We're here for that.
Why is Negan covered in blood and whose is it?

We saw Negan's out of his cell. What is he up to? Is he helping fight off the Whisperers?
Does Negan hit Aaron or is that a cleverly edited trailer?

The immediate next shot shows a bloodied crowbar, suggesting Negan was swinging it. The person on the ground? Aaron. You can identify him by the weapon attached to his one arm.
We're thinking this may be Beta or a Whisperer. Because of this attack, Father Gabriel probably tells Aaron to seek aid in Negan. This makes the most sense because Aaron looks a bit beaten up when Gabe makes the suggestion.
Does Aaron have other cool weapons to attach to his hand?

Aaron showed off a defensive walker weapon attached to him in place of the hand he lost last season. Surely, this can't be the only attachment he has. We know he has a false hand. A knife seems like it would be helpful to stab walkers. 
Why are Michonne, Judith, Connie, Kelly, and more at the ocean?

Are they building an army at Oceanside to go up against the Whisperers? We see Alden and a bunch of others training.
What is this all about?

The beach training (assuming that's what it is) is looking really intense.
Is Father Gabriel in jail or just visiting?

He's probably just visiting Negan when he was in his cell, but it's tough to tell.
What's with this fire and who or what started it?

A pretty distinct fire can be seen behind Siddiq halfway through the trailer.
What is going on with Michonne and Ezekiel?

The two surprisingly kiss in the new trailer and we have a LOT of questions. What about Rick? Has Michonne given up on him? (Not likely. She's still wearing Rick's ring around her neck.) 
What happened to Carol and Zeke? They started drifting away at the end of last season. Our other thought is that this may be some sort of fake-out or dream sequence, but we'll have to wait to see.
Are Carol and Daryl becoming a thing?

Carol is seen with her old pal Daryl, not Ezekiel, for most of the trailer. Are we switching up the couples this season? Or is Carol just leaning on her old friend more after losing Henry?
Did Carol spend some time out on the water?

Carol mentions being on a boat to Daryl late in the trailer. Earlier, we see her on a boat that could be heading out to sea or coming back. It's not clear. In the comics, Michonne goes out to sea for awhile and comes back every few months. Could one or both of the women be going sailing? 
Since it's Michonne's last season it would be a good way to send her off.
What is Michonne doing with Negan's bat?

The final seconds of the trailer show Michonne channeling Negan from the season seven premiere. She's holding his bat Lucille and we have a bunch of questions.
Why does she have Lucille? Who is she pointing it at? Is that even the original Lucille? Also, is Michonne's hair shorter or is it all tied up? We're thinking this may just be a bad dream Michonne is having. Maybe she's wishing she could have killed Negan back during season seven. Or maybe it is real and she's taking out some anger on someone or something.

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