Save big on OfficeSuite, the cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office

TL;DR: Save on OfficeSuite subscriptions in the Mashable Shop.

For many of us, Microsoft Office introduced us to word processing, digital number-crunching, presentation building, and other types of tasks that require creating some sort of document. We had Clippy (RIP) guide us in making our first presentations, spreadsheets, word files, and more. We then had to use the MS Office suite to accomplish school-related tasks, and then actual office work when we secured our first adult jobs.
If you want to use the slate of Office apps for yourself, though, be prepared to shell out money to secure a license. You no longer have the backing of your school or workplace to get free access, so you have no choice but to spring for a subscription, which, frankly, doesn't come cheap. It's the undisputed king of office suites we're talking about, and gaining access requires more than a few dollars. Read more...More about Microsoft, Office, Mashable Shopping, Tech, and Work Life

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