In occupied Crimea, a guided missile has been accidentally launched

Russian military in Crimea accidentally launched an X-29TD air-to-surface missile, while in a hangar, as reported by

The incident occurred at the airport in Saki. Two members of the Black Sea Fleet's naval aviation, Alexei Chebanov and Nikolai Zverev, carried out an unauthorized launch of a rocket with a length of more than four meters and a weight of about 700 kilograms in a hangar. The X-29TD demolished the gate and part of the wall of the hangar, destroyed equipment and another "63M product" along the way.

Its warhead with 100 kilograms of explosive did not explode, but in the end it was necessary to write off two missiles, special equipment to test them and to restore the hangar.

The investigation team believes that the military did not check the serviceability of the X-29TD check mechanisms - they did not open the lid of the check devices and were not convinced of the integrity of the sealing and locking of the corresponding mechanisms. Nevertheless, they decided to conduct a missile test.

According to the publication, the Ministry of Defense is trying to recover from Chebanov and Zverev more than 45 million rubles. The cost of each destroyed rocket is estimated at 18 million 459 thousand rubles, another 9.5 million estimated damaged equipment.

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