1936 16mm Film - Germany / Egypt. Where is This?

Came across a film transfer done by some other company and fortunately the original film was still available but deteriorating. Used my magic in preserving it and then recaptured it in 4K. (LL recompresses it here and then only maxes out at 720) Film shot under cranked (Charlie Chaplinesque) at 12 fps (second video) so this was retimed to proper 24 fps. Date code on film is 1936. Kodachrome but the dyes have shifted severely.

Can labeled Germany / Egypt. Youse German types might be familiar with the location of the falls and the trails so shout back where this was taken. Church at the edge of a lake. Kid on a dock with a boat rowing in background behind him. Cabin in the middle of a river. Sky walks over a stream. Three guys in suits fording a stream.

The parade in Egypt is also interesting. One of the floats has a replica German type II tank on it and another float has a Sphinx. Other odd stuff that I'm not familiar with but maybe some more learned types can fill in the blanks.

Second video is what was done previously showing 4x3 ratio 640x480. I picked up 13% more image area running it 16x9 and thus avoiding overscan / film gate crop.

Read more: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=C1Qoq_15...

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