Something to think about and Jingle your Bells to this Christmas Eve

In addition to all the very special and extraordinary things about Christmas, I have always viewed this season as a time to show a little charity and mend a few broken fences with the Live Leak wannabe bullies, harassers, doxers, mockers, sockers, stalkers, falkers, shut ins, and other incorrigible live leakers I have locked up in the cell blocks. Along these lines my New Years goal and resolution is to unblock ninety eight percent of those I currently have blocked. This extending of the olive branch is a once a year tradition and it is done in good faith. It is a feel good sort of thing and as the year has been drawing to an end, I have been looking forward to releasing the prisoners. It is time to start over again and I encourage others to do the same. I wish you all the best of Christmas. Merry Christmas Live Leakers.

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