The Moskito is like a paper airplane on steroids

TL;DR: Give the best gift this year with the Moskito Smartphone-Controlled Plane with Joystick for $38.24, a 23% savings. 

Got a kid or kid at heart who was hoping to find a drone under the tree? Luckily, the Moskito Smartphone-Controlled Plane is the perfect better-late-than-never gift for just such a scenario. It flies, it's remote controled, it's honestly kind of cool — and you can fly it indoors. Plus it will cost you a lot less than a fancy drone at just $38.24 with code HAPPYHOLIDAYS.
Check it out:

No matter the age or piloting abilities of your giftee, the Moskito Plane is extremely accessible and fun. You control it from a highly intuitive app on your phone by steering with your thumb. It has a range of about 200 feet and a durable build, meaning you can crash it into stuff and it won't break. Probably. Read more...More about Drones, Toys, Mashable Shopping, Tech, and Drones

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