Give yourself the gift of following these Instagram pigs

Tired: influencers. Wired: pigfluencers.
Forget cats and their "can haz cheeseburger" antics. The pig may not be the most well-known or beloved internet animal celebrity, but it's the pinkest cutie around.
More wholesome than the cat, smarter and as emotionally sensitive as the dog, the pig is perfect for web culture. They're cute, chonky, loving, loungers with rabid appetites — embodying a #mood we can all relate to.
So this holiday season, enjoy serving the Christmas ham on your feed rather than a platter. Because every time you unfollow an Instagram model to follow a pigfluener instead, you're doing a radical act of self-care. (But please admire these cuties from afar. Having a pig as a pet is a big responsibility that isn't for everyone.) Read more...More about Instagram, Animals, Pigs, Culture, and Web Culture

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