Sacramento Police Department releases bodycam footage of officer shooting at dog

The Sacramento Police Department released bodycam footage from the night a man and a security guard were injured after an officer shot at the man's dog in a midtown shopping center.

The footage was taken from four body-worn-camera videos worn on Dec. 18, according to the department. The videos were captured by the three primary officers involved in the incident at the midtown Safeway on 19th and S Streets after they came to help a security guard trying to detain a man allegedly causing a disturbance. Police said a man refused to leave the property.

Sacramento police officials said the man's dog was being aggressive and bit one of the officers on the arm. One officer fired one shot at the dog, but missed. Shrapnel from the gun shot struck the man and the security guard, but the dog was not injured.

The man and the security guard were both taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The officer who was bitten on the arm was treated at the scene.

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