My toddler is learning to brush her teeth with this double-sided toothbrush — its extra bristles make the process faster and it has a choke guard for added safety

The Grabease Double-Sided Toothbrush's choke guard, short handle, and bristles on both sides make it easier for toddlers to brush their teeth and for parents to help.
With the extra bristles, I can brush more of my toddler's teeth at once.
This $12.50 toothbrush was invented by an 8-year-old girl, and a portion of profits goes toward cleft palate and lip surgeries and the Children's Hunger Fund.

My 1-year-old daughter Ellie loves to "brush" her teeth. And by "brush," I actually mean hold the toothbrush while she sucks off all the toothpaste.
When I try to brush them for her, she usually gets upset and puts her tongue in the way. My usual plan of attack is to let Ellie hold her own toothbrush to distract her while I try to get in there with another toothbrush. When she gets moves her tongue out of the way, I take the opportunity to brush as many teeth as I can. 
So when I heard about the Grabease Double-Sided Toothbrush, I was genuinely curious and intrigued. It turns out that the toothbrush was invented by 8-year-old Alma, the daughter of Grabease founder Maya Shalev, when she saw her mom struggling to brush her little brother's teeth.
When the company sent me the toothbrush to test, I was happy to try anything that might make brushing Ellie's teeth easier. 
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How the Grabease Double-Sided Toothbrush is designed
If you have questions about when to start brushing your child's teeth or concerns about your child's oral development, talk to your pediatrician or schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist.
Every parent's experience will differ, the design made it easier for me to brush my daughter's teeth.
When you only have about 10 seconds to get a toothbrush in a child's mouth, the more surface area there is, it's more likely you can brush a few teeth before a major meltdown. Many toddlers don't have the patience to stand in the bathroom and brush their teeth — they think one quick swipe of the toothbrush will do. If you have a toddler like that, this toothbrush can help cut the time they spend brushing in half. 
That's because the design of the Grabease toothbrush is truly unique and efficient.
It has a long tapered brush head, which makes it easy to get the bristles to the back of your child's mouth, and double-sided bristles, which help you brush more teeth at once.
Whether I'm brushing Ellie's teeth for her or she's doing it herself, we can brush the top and bottom teeth at the same time and cut down on the overall time spent brushing. The double-sided feature is also helpful when Ellie bites down on the toothbrush. When she does that with a regular toothbrush, I can't pull it out of her mouth, but with this one, if I try pulling it out, the bristles will make contact with a few teeth along the way. 
The toothbrush also features a short handle that's easy for Ellie to hold and a choke guard so little ones don't choke or gag from placing the toothbrush too far into their mouth. Sometimes Ellie will run away from me with her toothbrush in her mouth, and the choke guard makes that tiny act of rebellion a little bit safer.
The toothbrush also comes with a finger brush, which you can use for young babies who are just getting used to having their teeth brushed. The earlier you start this routine, the more receptive your baby may be to having their teeth brushed. You can even start brushing their gums gently with a finger brush before they have any teeth.
The toothbrush costs $12.50 and comes in three colors — blush, teal, and gray. Ellie has a blush one.
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An added bonus
Grabease has also set up its own charity called PROJECT elli&nooli, and donates a portion of profits from sales and different campaigns to help women and children around the world. Each toothbrush purchased helps provide surgeries for children born with cleft palates, and each purchase of its utensil set provides two meals to a child in need. 
Cons to consider
The choke guard is great when Ellie is trying to brush her teeth herself — and especially when she runs away from me with her toothbrush in her mouth — but I find that it can get in the way when I try to brush her teeth for her. Specifically, when I brush her front teeth from side to side, the edge of the choke guard sometimes hits her face and makes it difficult to brush freely.
The bottom line
Grabease really hit the mark with this toothbrush and found a way to give toddlers the autonomy they want with this safe, effective toothbrush. 
But if you're not sold on this one, you can try the Brusheez Electronic Toothbrush ($19.99), which comes with a rinsing cup, sand timer, and a cute animal head to cover the toothbrush. It's a fun option if you have an older toddler who finds brushing their teeth boring. The Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush ($8.99) is another option designed to prevent babies and toddlers from choking, but also has an area for teething babies to chew on. 
If you want to make the process of brushing your toddler's teeth a little bit easier, the Grabease can help. Just introducing a new and novel toothbrush can get your child excited about brushing their teeth. 
Pros: Reaches more teeth at once with double-sided brush head, choke guard makes it safer than traditional toothbrushes 
Cons: Choke guard can get in the way

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