Here's What Happened On Tonight's Pretty Little Liars Premiere

"Did you miss me?"It has been seven years since we first started watching Pretty Little Liars. What a ride it's been. A lot has happened since 2010. Many characters have died, almost as many have come back to life. We started watching a show we thought was a murder mystery around Ali DiLaurentis, but much like our latest podcast obsession, things changed — Ali was alive after all, and "A" was still loose.We've had at least 5 "A" reveals that weren't really the whole story, and with only 10 episodes left in the show (EVER!) we still have a lot of questions. Starting with the biggest ones that the 7A finale left us with — Who kidnapped Jenna? Is Spencer still alive (clearly she is, but we'll go along with the storyline)? Is Mary Drake really Spencer's mom? And WHO IS A D*MN IT?"Friends share secrets, that what keeps us close."We're recapping tonight's premiere live below. Check back for an updated list of our 29 biggest questions we have after watching the episode. With 7 years of secrets under our belt, we need a lot of answers.1. They weren't even going to try and have us guess if Toby and Spencer were alive? They were both revealed alive before the credits even rolled. Okay, we can get used to this pace.2. Why is Caleb telling Hanna to worry about fashion, right now? I get the whole selfless boyfriend thing, but no, Hanna should be worried about the crazy that has been stalking and trying to kill her and her friends for the last seven years.3. Are we supposed to believe Ali is really pregnant? She snuck away to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy. Nope. I won't believe it until I see the receipts from a doctor that is not Wren.4. Why do they continually think they've caught "A" and then get surprised when they haven't? It has been YEARS of the same reveal.5. How do I get a copy of this board game? "Liars Lament" looks amazing, even though I definitely don't want the murderous stalker and treacherous obstacles that go with it. It could be a great money making scheme though, so I'm expecting it will be sold in stores soon.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Did Gilmore Girls Just Increase Its Odds Of An Emmy Nomination?The Hottest TV Sex Scenes We Just Got Our First Look At Rachel As The Bachelorette

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