2017 NFL Draft: Chris Simms' Can't-Miss Players

There are two schools of thought when it comes to targeting prospects early in the NFL draft. You go after guys with the potential to be something special, or you go after guys who don't have the potential to fail. We'll be focusing on the second group here. 
I'm not saying the guys featured here can't be special, either. I'm simply saying these are the prospects in this year's draft class that a team can't miss on.
When I think of a can't-miss prospect, I think about some of the guys I've seen come into the NFL over the years.
I wasn't sure if Cadillac Williams would be a superstar when I first met him, but I could tell that he was a guy you could hand the ball to 20-30 times a game without worrying if he'd screw up. I didn't know how special Aqib Talib would become when he first walked into our locker room. After watching him shut down our No. 1 receiver and pick off a couple of passes in his first practice, though, I knew he belonged on an NFL field.
These are the prospects in this year's draft I believe already belong on an NFL field. At the very worst, they'll be starters for a number of years. It's not a matter of whether they can be great; it's a matter of how great they can be.Begin Slideshow

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